You are the Love

IMG_3950Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day dedicated to the patron saint of love. The 4 billion dollar industry that has spurred us on in passion, compassion and lust. This year was a different kind of Valentine’s Day for me.

I adopted an idea of ‘self love’ only. I worked hard on a project that I was passionate on. I went to Yoga. I closed my eyes through the entire practice. I was love. I became love. I lived love. I was so INTO me that I uterrly did not know anyone else was in the room. After the class, the instructor said to me, ‘wow, I have never seen you so calm during practice.’ She was right. For that 60 minutes there was ONLY this breath right here, right now. I embraced ME in all that I was worth.

It was February 14th. It was the day to celebrate the Heart Chakra. To find love, compassion, kindness, but for what? Maybe only for the sole purpose to give to yourself. Yes, I gave it to myself. It was fabulous. So, for all those peeps out there, that are wanting THAT very real Valentine thing, that always seem to elude us, go deep, go inside yourself. AND know that YOU are the BEST LOVE of all!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Wow, I loved this post. I think we could all use some time to reflect on loving ourselves and caring for ourselves before others.

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