Windows Live Mail Restore

Windows Live Mail ( is a free product delivered by Microsoft that enables the user to control multiple email accounts from one program. While slim on some features, the Windows team has tried its hardest to add some splash in the front end, luring the emailer a huge array of emoticons and quick links to Windows Live Messenger, and Hotmail. You can also use Windows Live Writer to blog email if you so desire.

In order to restore the Windows Live Mail program following something like a hard drive failure, it is important to understand where the necessary files are stored. For ease of use, the My Documents directory proves to be quick and easy to backup and to restore. If you were lucky enough to backup your Windows Live Mail Directory recently, simply copy and paste that directory onto your new hard drive, and use the Windows Live Mail, Advanced Maintenance Tool to point it to the new directory. All of your mail and contacts will be restored.

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