Underlying Underhanded Uncoolness

Where have all the cool, heady ad-campaigns gone? It seems everywhere I look lately companies are taking shots at the genders, making men look like fools and women look like bimbos! I know my ‘critical eye’ shines a bit too much at times, however this recent ad during the Stanley Cup Playoffs was downright offensive, again driving home the point, that men are men, and women are women and nay’ er the two shall cross!

Have a look and see for your self! Click here: Millers TastlessNess.

A little later in the week, as I walked past the theater this add was up for “It’s Complicated”:

Does that mean that the man is always satisfied, and the woman has some sort of post-coital guilt going on? Is this what we are teaching our children?

Then, reading www.Skepchick.org, I came across this:  http://twitpic.com/1uj3om.     For those not acquainted with “WAG”….well, that is a Footballer’s (Soccer) term for wife or girlfriend.

What is going on in the world people? Have we all just started to accept big Pharma, big Hollywood, and big Ads as the way of the future? Or can we actually start affecting the way real life is portrayed by NOT buying?? What do you think?

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