Tremé is the Music

It’s a district of New Orleans that they call Tremé (Trehmay) ( ; one of the oldest areas, with deep roots of African-American and Creole blending into some sort of historical jambalaya, rich with flavour and texture, colour and excitement.

David Simon (The Wire) and Eric Overmyer (Law & Order) take their new HBO Drama, Tremé ( and delve into a deep character development as the residents of the post Katrina Tremé attempt to recoup their lives, along with their own histories within the context of a culturally diverse and unique brand of America.

For those lucky enough to have experienced the mind-blowing uniqueness that is New Orleans, Tremé takes us one step closer as you get to know and understand the reasons behind the city, the people and the culture. The city is the music and the music is the city and those two aspects interweave a sensuous tapestry through it’s colourful residents, forming the heart and soul that is Tremé. The series looks at all the diversity of the area, the people within the restaurants, the radio shows, and the bars intermingled with the lawyers, the cops, and the politicians, as they all try to come to some sort of understanding as to why such a cultural stalwart of America was allowed to break, flounder and almost die; worse yet, going unnoticed. The writers do not let up on the government for their 40 years worth of mismanagement of the levies, or for the corruption at every level of government or for their unrelenting apathy of 70 year old Grandmothers still living in FEMA trailers 7 years later. No, Tremé looks at the whole diabolical mess from afar and then takes us into the lives of each of those characters who are trying to rebuild the beautiful city of New Orleans. Definitely a must-see for anyone who has ever felt the power of a punch, staggered a bit, but has never given up!

It’s on Sundays at 9 on HBO.
Here is a sampling, Trailer #3, John Goodman is powerful!

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