Training my Trainer

So here we are entering a brand new Triathlon Season and still I remain steadfast in my resolve to do EVERY thing solo! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE participating in the race with my Tri buddies, but as far as training goes, I Swim, Bike, Run, BEST by myself.

Who would have thought that a career Team athlete would want this isolation? Even I am perplexed by it. For 30 plus years I have believed in the Team idea – the forces of the whole being so much greater than each piece, but in these, my introspective training days, I just prefer to push myself, by myself.

Oh ya, sure there are lots of coaches out there that are probably just itching for the chance to help me be all I can be, but to me, in my crazy little world, devoid of structure, it brings me great comfort to know that this moment in time belongs solely to me. Every day, I swim, I bike or I run, and I do okay. What if I can’t make their schedules or the cost is too much or, or, or. What if it, like, gets really uncomfortable, then what?

I mean Spin class is tough enough. The instructor barking orders, and all the students of the class merrily rejoicing as we do our 10th California Hill Start. AND ya, my back is still sore from those. Is that type of pushing necessary?

For now, I say “No”. I can compete. I can train. I can be me. I don’t want to WIN the triathlons, I simply want to compete – ya, an occasional top 100 or something like that is cool but that is NOT my goal. My goal (if I do have one) is to ENJOY the ride. Being happy in all that my own little world has to offer me. After all, what is wrong with a little happiness in the every day?

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