Tour de White Rock Road Race

The festivities of the Tour de White Rock continued on until Sunday, with the Men’s Road Race starting at 9 a.m. and the Women’s at 9:05. The heat of the weekend continued on as well, and I am sure as the Men approached their 130 Kilometre mark, and the Women approached there 80 KM mark, many had pulled out and were searching for some cool Gelato on Marine Drive.

On the Men’s side, Canadian (Watson Lake, Yukon and now, North Vancouver), and two time Olympian, Zach Bell pulled out an impressive +4 minute victory:

1. Bell, Zachary 3:31:38

Champion System -Bib # 3 Category Pro

UCI_Code CAN19821114

2. Schweizer, Michael 3:35:43

NSP Ghost / Team Germany – Bib # 30 Category Pro

UCI_Code GER19831216

3. Knauer, Florenz 3:36:25

Team Baier Landshut – Bib # 31 Category Pro

UCI_Code GER19890108

On the Women’s side, team Novartis continued to dominate, as Kathryn Donovan of the USA (Los Angeles) pulled off almost a +4 minute victory as well. It was the first time that team Novartus didn’t sweep the podium over the course of the weekend.

1. Donovan, Kathryn 2:20:49

NOW and Novartis for MS – Bib # 202 Category Pro

UCI_Code USA19820129

2. Albrecht, Lex 2:23:34

NOW and Novartis for MS – Bib # 207 Category Pro

UCI_Code CAN19870406

3. Glaesser, Jasmin 2:23:34

Team Tibco – Bib # 276 Category 1

UCI_Code CAN19920708

Tour de White Rock Road Race

***Creative note, I shot all of these shots just slightly underexposed to capture more of the true colours of the day. What are your thoughts, should have I corrected the exposure in Post Production?

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