To Live, to Love, to Laugh

Every once in a while a book lands on your doorstep and you feel compelled to pick it up and engulf it, cover to cover. Such was the case with Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat, Pray, Love. I had read this book about 4 years ago when it had first been published, and while I had enjoyed parts of it, I had felt like I somehow was unable to truly connect with pieces of it. When a friend returned it to me a few weeks ago, I picked it up and decided that for the first time in my life, I would read the same book again. This time, perhaps feeling like I could be more open to connecting with it.

Gilbert details her long journey of self, following a painstaking divorce, where she eats her way through Italy, meditates through India, and finally discovers love in Indonesia. Any woman reading this colorful biography would find hidden gems within its pages, as we all, at one time or another, have asked ourselves some of the difficult questions with which Gilbert toys. How can any of us find true happiness and love without experiencing only ourselves, in the moment, first hand? From guilt to forgiveness, control to peace, depression to contentment, the story of Gilbert’s year in quest of self is inspirational and enlightening.

Throughout the book, little life quotes, such as, “if you can plant yourself in stillness long enough, you will, in time, experience the truth that everything (both uncomfortable and lovely) does eventually pass,” impart on the reader Gilbert’s own meaningful journey, and in the imparting, maybe actually make us believe that each of us can change through her words. Her constant questioning of self, which may seem self-absorbed to some, left me wanting more life lessons; the type that I didn’t have to actually live through to obtain.

All in all a very good read, and definitely more meaningful the second time through. Enjoy.

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