The Stars and the Moon

Well, it is my birthday today! A day of reflection, a day of rejoicing.

The reflections are plentiful these days. Ever since I finished my last Triathlon in Honolulu, I have been somewhat plagued by my rather fickle psyche that wants to simply JUST swim, bike, run, yoga and ENJOY the journey rather than ‘competing’ in another event. This is an unfamiliar feeling to me and frankly, I am unsure where to place it. So, I have stood still waiting for the direction to become clearer. I have still been training – or is it, maybe it is just enjoying the ride.

I have neglected the swim portion in favour of more yoga, since I figure that some grounding and awesome elongated stretching is more beneficial for the mind and the body right now. In addition, I have discovered hill climbing as a spectacular mental workout. I can climb (run) 1100 feet in a 30 minute run which has me begging for mercy while my quads, hams, and glutes burn. It is punishment for the fickle psyche. LOL.

The rejoicing part is also cool, as of late. So many friends, family and strangers offer support in getting back on the horse. I must say, it is where my “Type A” personality fails. A piece of me wants to compete again, but another piece, maybe my heart Chakra piece (responsible for unconditional love of self and others ), is telling me to relax and enjoy more. To compete less. To JUST enjoy. It is a hard lesson to learn but I must say that I am all ears. There is a fine line between ‘giving up’ and ‘cutting yourself some slack’. Maybe Type A’s can gear down. Maybe.

In the meantime I will rejoice with the MANY great gifts that I have received due to my competing and my travel – and those are in the form of beautiful people and wonderful memories, and for this, I am full of gratitude and humility as my Cancerian planet begins another orbit around its Sun. Namaste!


Excellent song for music while you read: . Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do…..

***Thanks to Renee for finding the photo!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday! I know the feeling you write about, the not wanting to race and just enjoying things as they are. Enjoy the journey. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t desperately want to do. You’ll feel so much better about it later on!

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