The 365 Day Handstand Challenge

IMG_5601 I decided to put pen to paper in the documentation of my Handstand Challenge. I have been playing around with headstands and handstands for about 8 months now as part of both my Yoga and my Acro Yoga practice. While I have made progress in my handstands, I have not made the speedy progress which I would like to see.

When a news feed on the 365 Handstand Challenge flew by my screen, I decided that this was what I needed in order to really see some progress.

Today is Day 356, and in those last 9 days, I have definitely made decent progress simply by doing some handstands every day. Usually for about 5 minutes.

Einstein once quoted, ‘There is no greater force in the world than compound interest.’ While this may be very true, there is a very substantial force in each one of us, called ‘muscle memory’. It is simply in the repeating; taking the body through routines over and over that the body is able to adapt to that which it is being asked.

Dan Millman (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior) talked of this a great deal. He used the word, “Satori”, meaning that there was no thinking required. The body just innately knew what to do. It is the fluidity of a third baseman throwing to first, the quick block of a high karate chop, or just throwing your hands into the sand, and letting your feet float toward the clouds. There simply is no thought required. That is the beauty of the human body. Anyone can do it. With each day of practice, the muscle memory becomes stronger and stronger. At least…that is my hope.

Handstands Day 357 from Kerry O. on Vimeo.

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