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A little more Acro – Ghetto Star

Always like to post a little progress. After several wipe-outs over several different days, we finally were able to spin. And Spin we did. We are young ghetto star Or from Vimeo… We are young ghetto star from Kerry O. … Continue reading

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Posing in Prahna and beyond…

Ah, Prahna: The breath of life. The ancient Sanskrit expression of meditation leading to self-actualization and beyond. For most athletes, breathing is something that we take for granted and is not paid much attention to while we are developing our … Continue reading

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Finding Air

I haven’t written for a while and to tell you the truth, I haven’t missed it that much. Sometimes, when meandering through the universe, it must be good for you to just go. Go, walk. Concentrate only on the rhythm … Continue reading

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Cooling Down

It is a rather all too common utterance that trips out of my lips when around strangers and friends alike, “Yoga has changed my life”. They look on in disbelief, wrinkling their eyebrows and squinching (a combination of squeezing and … Continue reading

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Balanced Power

Strength, agility, speed, flexibility and balance – such are the 5 tenets of exercise. Remember way back to grade school when we were all taught how and why we should exercise. Yet, day after day, it is the strength that … Continue reading

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