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IMG_7638I am a hippy.
Or is that hippie.
I wander through this life with my heart on my sleeve
And a dollar in my pocket, just in case
I believe in Karma and all the things
that fall out of Karma and onto our path
I live free
I love openly
I write when I can
And think way too often
I analyze things that aren’t worth the effort
And get attached to things that I should let the fuck go
I drink and swear too much (case in point)
I once thought my formal education would take me places
that I never could otherwise get to
I now know that that notion was a fallacy
That the education is in the school of heart knocks
And that life is about picking yourself up when no-one else will
Tattered and broken and dusty and full of holes
I stumble on toward ecstasy
Believing that with each good-bye, a new hello is spoken
Believing in the cosmic good that there is with every single intersection
No matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem at the time
Dust off, bow down, give thanks, stumble on.
~ KO

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