Somewhere there is a poem…

As 2010 draws to a close and I look back upon all the hopes and dreams that were, and were not, I am reminded that some of my happiest moments came with just my pen and my paper; my keyboard and my blank canvas, my mind’s eye and the metaphorical clean grey slate that I etch ever so neatly upon. Some of the words and the letters, the sentences and the transcribed thoughts never see the light of day, and still, I am happy for having cast them out to the universe, ever so delibly, ever so briefly, as to make the emptiness of the erasing, a little less so.

I look to you with road weary eyes, ravaged from a life that at times seems overflowing, mouths gasping for air as we all search for more hours in a day, for more solitary moments of clarity, and I implore you all – I beg you all – to create, to write, to draw, to strum, to inspire, to heal, to mend, to forgive…..because somewhere deep down in each of us, there is a poem…..

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