Ride, baby, Ride

I have been an avid cyclist now for about 5 years! I have logged countless days, hours and minutes on my Specialized Allez Sport. I have ridden at all hours of the day, alongside strangers, friends, lovers and solo. I have ridden for full days and quick minutes. I have loved being on my bike in each and every one of those scenarios! The people and/or the destination or the climb were inconsequential! It was, and indeed IS the journey that I have got all warm and fuzzy on!

We hear this phrase bantered around by all types of folks, in all types of situations. You know, ‘it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey’. With each passing year and each and every fucking awesome bike ride, I am reminded of this! I review my life, my friends, my training partners, my life partner and the many great adventures that we are having on an almost daily basis and I smile. No……. I beam!

And just like the bike ride that has that twisty, curvy, bitch of a hill, we keep our nose down, with one leg spinning in front of the other and inch by inch we make it. Maybe winded and out of breath and not really knowing what the fuck is happening, but we make it! A little stronger, a little tougher yet still with a lot of love in our heart for the people who helped us get there – intentionally or not!

I have come such a long way during this journey and I am quite sure that I will never arrive at some contrived destination, but wow, the scenery has been spectacular and the love has shone OUT and shone IN in amazing ways.

So every time you come to that bitch of a hill, enjoy each and every pedal stroke and know that the journey IS the thing! Ride, baby, Ride.

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