Racing Reflections

So, it has been a week since I completed my third Sprint Triathlon and I have had some space and time to adjust to my less-than-stellar performance. I have read a few great articles in the interim, as well as seen dozen of photos of competitors in action…and of course, I have re-hashed it ad-nauseam with friends and family alike (apologies – and thanks – to them!). Here’s the thing…On any given Sunday, you are going to win some, and you are going to lose some and that is the thing of sport!

Did anyone predict that the 8th place (in their division) Los Angeles Kings, who barely made the play-offs, would be heading to the Stanley Cup Finale? Did anyone predict that a Canadian boy, named Ryder Hesjedal would win the prestigious cycling event, Giro d’Italia , today? ( ). The answer is no. But, like the movie title says, “On any given Sunday….” , some people (or teams) can pull it off, and some can’t. THAT is the nature of sport. THAT is what attracts us to the sport, and THAT is what ultimately helps us lift off or crash in the sport.

I had a myriad of things go sideways coming into the Honolulu Triathlon last week, none of which was more critical than my lack of sustained training. Ya, my bike was amiss, and I didn’t eat properly prior to the race, and probably should not have partied so hard a couple of nights before, but when it comes right down to it, it was me, and my total lack of regard for how difficult a Tri can be – especially in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar heat!

The voices in my head were huge that day, especially as I started my run. I was hot and everything screamed at me to just walk a bit, but I didn’t. I did slow down and I did look for my yoga breath so that all I could hear was, “Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.” , instead of the screaming, “Stop and walk you fool.” Those voices are not pretty and I have been lucky that during my life, I have not really heard them often and when I have, I have been able to push them aside, opting for my happy place instead. Then again, maybe that isn’t luck. Maybe that is the suffering which makes us able to suffer more and suffer longer. Maybe that is what makes us able to deal with adversity better. Who knows?

And yes, I am hard on myself. The hardest of anyone, most likely, and even though I wanted to enjoy the day and the race, the fierce competitor inside of me had other plans. But like with all events in life – and this one pales in comparison to some of them – it is accepting the result, and moving on. Just keep moving on. That is the thing. The past is done. Over. Complete. Learn from this and just move on. The future is fun and the NOW is unreal. Breathe it in. Feel it around you. Live it to the fullest. Namaste peeps.

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