Poking the Dragon

Prime Minister Stephen Harper just could not resist the urge to actually stick to business, and leave his childish politics aside. Within hours of the first sitting of the newly elected government, Harper decided that NOW was the time to invoke a new initiative aimed toward cessation of political party funding by way of the tax payer. The same tax payer who chooses to use that one democratic voice that he or she has, place an X on the spot, and a buck, seventy-five in the collection plate of that party. Harper has rescinded this support, and the dragon stirred.

It wasn’t the first time that the dragon has stirred. Harper has turned heads before, as the general populous wonders aloud at his intelligence. By all accounts, as frightening and horrific as the media has made it out to be, the world is, nonetheless, under a global financial crisis. Pensions are drying up, people are losing jobs, mortgages are being foreclosed and the Canadian dollar has plunged, yet Harper wants to strip away one of the few democratic incentives that our nation offers to all, freely and equally.

The dragon should stir, loudly and cantankerously, and before the wrath of fire spews from his elongated snout, look Harper in the eye, and say, “Bully no more. Bully no more.” It is too late to save the current government, and the coalition is not an authentic alternative either, but the moral of the story is that finally someone, somewhere, stood up to the bully, and made an effort to work with other parties in achieving success – without partisan ideals that have only acted to estrange Canadians. It may not be a long term solution, but for now, teamwork is one of the ONLY things that will get Canada through this. It is contingent on us to let them try!

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One Response to Poking the Dragon

  1. Tim Olohan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote conservative but…this would be an unelected government. The same kind of unelected government that you’d find in hot little countries whose name you couldn’t pronounce even if you’d heard of it befor. Stephan Dion was decidedly NOT elected by the voters of this country
    in this last election. This bears no resemblance to a democracy but much closer to a third world coupe.

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