Philadelphia Freedom

Recently, a friend of mine asked me why I spent so much time on the computer? “Isn’t life passing you by?” he asked. Without explaining to him that it was the way in which I earned my living, paid my bills, kept in touch with family and friends, attempted some sort of social activism (at times), or even found some entertainment, I simply turned and said, “Why do you care how I spend my time in my own house? What does it possibly have to do with you? Do I scrutinize what you do with your own time in your own house?”

That tenet is how this free and democratic land was built, so when I see the results of Proposition 8 in California I am nothing if not perplexed, and more to the point, disgusted, all at once. Again, I return to the question, “Why do people care how OTHERS spend their time in their own houses with their own loved ones?” I simply have never understood the fascination! It’s not color, not race, not religion….no, it is what they do in their own bedroom, in private, between consenting adults! How can others possibly have any opinion on this, other than to live and let live!!

It is no secret that the Mormon Church, and many other church’s paid large amounts of money to weigh in on the debate – whether or not what people did in their own bedrooms was anyone else’s business. The Mormon Church has made it’s billions by way of tithings ( . Twenty-five billion dollars in the bank, by last account. They have preached ‘go forward and multiply’ (at times with more than one woman), yet that is different than ‘go forward and make love’. The key difference is that without the offspring – large families are highly encouraged – there are no tithings, and the billions in the banks do not propogate. That is the only reason the church cares. They have spent the past 200 years in a multi-billion dollar multi-level marketing scheme that has seen the first person tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on, to the point where there are now 5 and 6 generations of families forking over 15% of their monthly wages to the church coffers. One of the few church’s that actually mandates the tithing!

If the Church is so hell-bent in caring about procreation and the creation of new tax accounts, I think that the rest of the population should be interested in how those tax accounts are receiving tax breaks, or more to the point, stealing from “We, the people”. Don’t you think that stealing from the unsuspecting is a far greater crime than loving someone? I hope that this debate serves to stir up the average citizen that actually does not care, or even want to know what others do in their bedroom, yet does want to know that the pastor at the Church down the street doesn’t pay an ounce of tax on the 100,000 dollar per year salary, yet wants to tell others how they ought to live – even when aliens are the deities being worshipped! (

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