Ninja Star

Ninja Star

A little ad-hoc piece that Clint and I pasted together on the fly. There is no greater sense of teamwork than when the base and the flyer come together and make something work.

My Acro journey has taught me many things – so similar to Yoga in the dedication, persistence, practice and perseverance with one big addition: Trust. Never before have I had such a deep insight into the phenomena of trust and the profound way that relative strangers can shape it.

In Acro and in life, the biggest strength that one will ever have is in the letting go. Ah, the sweet irony of that sentence and so, so true for each of our journeys. Namaste.

ClintKerryNinja from Kerry O. on Vimeo.

Shot on my Nikon D7000 in high res. Great vid quality. All natural light.

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