New Haven’s Barcelona Wine Bar

The New Haven, Connecticut landscape was crisp and clean, a fresh bit of teleporting back to the 18th Century when the bricks of the Yale Library were first being laid. The sun shone on the well-kept streets as the church bells sounded around the corner. It was Sunday today and the week’s journey was just beginning with the same racous that the old iron chimes bellowed outside of my hotel window, from where my fingers tip-tapped on my keyboard.

The travel week was supposed to have ended two days prior with a quick flight home from SFO to YVR yet somehow I had found more work and a renewed sense of urgency, and accompanying enery, with a new gig in New Haven.

I was somewhat unprepared and seemingly amazed at the diverse culture that the Yale University Campus presented to me. Directly across the street from the hotel lobby was a restaurant-lined street ranging from Ethiopian to high-end Tapas in prices from the very reasonable to the more somewhat reasonable. All the tastes of the week would enliven each tastebud, and in the process just nudge me into the next realm of a somewhat ‘worldly’ traveler. I embraced the anticipated meals of the week as I continued my programming for the day.

Well all of the flavours were exceptional, there was perhaps no greater memory in the making than that of the Barcelona Wine Bar (http:\\ , a mere 20 strides to the
North from the hotel’s welcoming committee.

The Charasco had caught my eye on the walk home from work, and I harkenned back to last years’ fabulous meal on the upper East side of New York City where I had so thoroughly enjoyed my last one at Don Pedros (http:\\ I appeared in the Barcelona’s front door a mere 10 minutes later, armed with only my anticipation of great things to come.I would not be disappointed.

The Maitre’D for the evening, Rich, seated me at a small table next to the bar which had a fabulous view of the entire restaurant and bar area. He relayed a story of a regular customer that comes in from New York who always requests this particular table for it’s great ambience and view.

Jose and Adrien would be my servers for the night and would be outstanding. Jose recommended an outstanding Spanish white, a Rias Baixus ( ), which fit the bill for my ‘pinot grio’-like request. It was crisp and clean with a few lingering pear flavours. A perfect choice. Next would be the Churasco ( , grilled perfectly rare, served atop a bed of spinach, alongside thickly cut yam fries. Splendido! As I was preparing to top the meal off with a glass of tawny port, along comes Rich with a beautifully aged, icey cold apertif of Sherry ( Not usually one prone to desserts, I decided to try the Spanish specialty of Leche Frita ( which was absolutely divine and a perfect way to end a fabulous Barcelona Wine Bar experience. Complements to the Head Chef, Mike Hazen (, the bartender, Jack and the many other staffers at this unique and delicious restaurant.

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