My Mama’s Eyes

My Mama’s Eyes
Smiled at me, rolling slightly
A sly grin creeping across her lips
She nodded, approvingly, as though she accepted it all
I carried on as though she had
She looked away, then back again
Her hand moving lovingly toward her heart
It is okay
It will be okay
Come, walk this path, it has debris scattered amongst the beautiful wild flowers that grow here
Don’t forget to pick up those feet, clean and polish those toes
They look so pretty
They are.
They will go places, both known and unknown
Sometimes, you will trip
Sometimes, you will fall
Get up, keep going, one foot in front of the other
Walk, as though you knew where you were going
With purpose
And when the purpose seems all but lost
Stop, sit
Gather up those flowers, search for the scent that pervades the meadows
Even when darkness sets in
The perfume is in the air
Listen to the heartbeat
Hold it tight
Release it
Feel it
My Mama’s eyes turned from the mirror.

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One Response to My Mama’s Eyes

  1. Renee says:

    that is beautiful Kerry. I wish I could have met your sweet Mama. Mothers are the best. They wish us the best, they lift us up and hold us in a light like no other.

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