Monsieur Dion, could I cut in?

I must admit that I have been quietly enthralled by the sheer number of temper tantrums in and about Rideau Hall as of late. There have been yelling matches during Question Period, insults during prime time, and out and out defamations during many a ‘private’ meeting. Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe or Stephen Harper, they have all done the deed then stood by in their ‘holier-than-thou’ stance declaring their words kinder and gentler than their antagonists.

In Canada, our Prime Minister is determined by the number of ridings that his or her party wins. Each Province is broken into ridings based upon the population base. During this past election, Stephen Harper won 143 Electoral Seats out of a possible 308 – 46% of the total seats in the house. Then it stands to reason that 54% of the House of Commons is NOT Conservative, making the mandate of the Prime Minister to play nicely with everyone in the sandbox, so as the elected Majority does not topple the elected Minority. Stephen Harper was unable to do this.

By the leaders of the Liberal and the NDP forming a coalition, with support from the Bloc, the 3 leaders of the ‘Majority’ were able to tell Harper in no uncertain terms that their electoral riding was not in favour of his actions, and they now could officially say that they had NO Confidence in him and he must go. Leading this anti-Harper charge is Stephane Dion from the Liberal party.

While there is no doubt that Monsieur Dion is a very smart man and has flourished academically, he is not the Leader that the coalition now needs. His ideas are good, as is his collaboration and his dedication, but Canada must have a Leader that offers charisma, ideas, and vision, and be able to project those ideas with crisp and accurate clarity. This is what the people of Canada want. Please Mr. Dion, step aside and let one of the other senior MPs come forward and lead. This would be your greatest gift to all those people of Canada who chose to accept ANY other Leader than Harper…just not YOU.

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