Jump On

Free spirit, dance a little firefly dance for me
Let’s jump on that train called a new experience and ride it to the moon
Come on, let’s go
Get on
Let me take you where few others will dare to go
Let me take you to that far off land called freedom
Let me take you there
Come on, let’s go
You know what I am talking about
That place where you would never go
That distant place that has tempted you, but you know not how
That foreign soil called adventure, called enrapture
Come on now
Hey, you, over there, do I know you
Do I know of the safety and sanctity that you seek?
Do I know that you are driven not by your lust for life but by your fears?
That your decisions are the safe ones
The sound ones
Those that are all reasonable and good to most
But not to me
They don’t wash with me,
I need the needle, injected in my vein
The pulsing heartbeat flooding it to the rest of my needy body
I need the drug
The drug of adventure
Of the square peg jack-hammered into the round hole
Come hell or high water
It will fit
Come on, let’s go
Jump on. Jump on.

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