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My Christmas stocking was overflowing with one of the newest techno-gadgets – the H20 Audio Waterproof IPod Case ( http://www.h2oaudio.com/waterproof_headset.php). I curiously removed it like a kid looking at her first two-wheeler, turning it over and over until I understood what it was, and still, I didn’t. Its core is a small plastic case designed to house the IPod Shuffle (2” by 1”) and by clasping the case closed around the shuffle, and plugging it into the ear jack, the compartment becomes totally waterproof within a closed system, making it an ideal swimming companion.

The following day I headed to the pool to try out my new toy. While I had used the IPod Nano for a year or so now, I loved the small size of the shuffle, and the built-in ‘clip-to-anywhere’ flexibility that it allows. Navigating through the play list is more tedious though, and I decided that I would have to make a new ‘Swim Folder’ in ITunes in order to keep the volume of songs/Pods low for quick navigation. With new downloads in hand, I inserted the Shuffle into the waterproof case, fastened the earbuds to my goggles and wedged the little cones into my ears. The sound on the pool deck was awesome.

As I jumped in and began swimming, I found that the conical buds were difficult to keep in my ears, and needed many stops – gladly accepted – in order to adjust. Since then, I have tried several different attachment options, and still struggle with keeping the buds firmly in my ears (or maybe I have just become accustomed to stopping). The product does come with a head band, which I had removed the first day, opting instead for the goggle clip, however I will return to the head band in the hopes that it will aid in a more continuous workout.

Overall, this is a very cool product that may have a rather steep learning curve in regards to finding the optimal comfort and sound level. Nothing makes the laps go by faster than listening to Ira Glass on This American Life tell story after story enabling me to stop counting stroke after stroke.

Rating: A solid 7 out of 10 with a $75 dollar price tag (not including the Shuffle – http://www.apple.com/ca/ipodshuffle).

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