Fear and Loathing in Lost Wages

Religion and the Right Wing Conservative movement seem to prey upon the ever present human condition of ‘Fear’; fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of terror, fear of something, anything that actually has not occurred yet. From a socio-anthropological perspective, this tendency toward being scared and frightened has enabled societies throughout the centuries to thrive. While a small percentage of those populations would venture outside of the boxes that were their socio-economic communities, the vast majority would not, preferring to seek comfort in that which they knew.

The vast majority of populations have always been frightened to explore, or to try new things, or even to critically think on their own, and thus, easy pickings for the dogma that organized religion produced. The rules seemed simple enough. If one was to follow the teachings of the religion, then assimilation would be easy, and that person would fit in and find comfort with all the other followers. It was really friendship and companionship by association.

The very concept of the bible, and the ever present notion that one could not disagree with it, has allowed the religious movement to evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry. As children of all nationalities grew up into the religious home, it was learned that critical thought and questioning was not allowed, and if one was to be a good , it was expected to follow the rules whole-heartedly and start donating to the collection plate as soon as possible.

Along the same lines, the Right Wing Conservative movement has attempted some of the same philosophies, allowing religion to encroach into most governmental policies of the day. They seem to prey upon the ‘fear factor’ in order to keep people within their comfort boxes, unable to critically dissect issues and consequently never being able to disagree with them. Their faith based initiatives serve to oppress the masses in hopes that somehow those that simply want to be told what to believe and what to do, will follow the pack.

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