Doting on Distraction

There is no doubt that there sure are many distractions in the world these days: Work, Family, Media, Communication, Errands, Laundry, Gardening, House Maintenance, Fitness, Health. You may roll your eyes at some of those – what do you mean “distractions”, THEY should be the priorities and yet, often, they are NOT.

Everyone has heard the phrase about living a balanced life a million times, yet somehow health, nutrition and fitness are placed at the bottom of the list, in favour of the panic of the day. Pick any number of other priorities. The thing is, without your health, you have nothing.

To me, it is as natural as the breath I take or the food I eat in order to stay alive. It is necessary. It is a part and parcel of who I am and frankly, it is my number one priority in life. If I am not healthy – in mind and body, then everyone around me suffers. It has taken me years to correlate that I am at my best when I am sweating it out on a daily basis.

A friend of mine commented to me the other day that ‘this distraction through exercise is wearing thin’. I have thought about that for a couple of days and come to the conclusion that the distraction of “life”, and NOT exercising, is the real distraction.

Study after study has proven that those who exercise daily are more likely to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be on less medication, and to live longer. I would reference them here, if I was a good writer, but that is what Google is for. Yet still we treat exercise and health as 6 or 7th on the priority list. Exercise cannot afford to be a distraction. It has to be woven into the everyday life of all of us, so that it becomes as familiar as putting on our shoes every morning. Just something that we all do.

I know that our families will thank us, as will our communities, because when those endorphins stream into our consciousness (and unconsciousness), one cannot help but do great things, and ya, smile while doing them.

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