Do or Do Not – There is no Try (~Yoda)

It was a quasi-late night last night and my eyes were heavy, as the first rays of sunlight began to trickle through the blinds, and the construction workers, kind enough to wait until 7:15 began their continual daily pounding erecting the new building next to us. Apparently, this Saturday morning was underway. A light breakfast later, and a couple of delicious Americano’s and our bikes were calling our name on this slightly overcast day.

We set out East toward the border and 0 Avenue, highly regarded around here as a great route, due to its rolling nature and minimal traffic.

It had only been two weeks since I had suffered a major mechanical failure on my bike. My first one ever. Since then I had taken a special precise involvement in my bike and all of its components. In fact, when I rebuilt it, after arriving home from Hawaii last weekend, I had tested and re-tested, and tweaked and readjusted almost every moving part on it, yet still I remained leery. Almost slightly pissed off that he had failed me, working hard to regain some trust in it.

As we began our quick pace along the flats, I found my mind wandering to places where I had not visited before. The place that you don’t want to visit, where the mind spins a tale about the derailleur flying off at 35 kilometers per hour (instead of near-standstill, where it did two weeks ago), and getting jammed in the spokes. 35 to zero, in a nanosecond, with the rider doing aluminum framed cartwheels down the side of the road. For sure, dead, but at least one foot still clipped in. I somehow pushed those thoughts aside as I tried to keep pace with my bigger, stronger, male training partner and hubby.

It’s kind of a neat experiment to draft in (at 110 pounds) behind 215 pounds. The physics never cease to astonish me. I can literally stop pedaling and be sucked along, until he realizes this and cranks it up another 5 km per hour.  Then it is work again, but until then, I am in awe of how this vacuum force works amd try to recollect which of Newton’s laws would shimmy into place for this explanation. Clearly the crash would be an object at motion stays at motion….but this drafting thing, hmmmm. <Feel free to chime in!>

About 5 K in, we came to our first significant hill. It was a long climb, eventually in 1st gear with legs and lungs burning. I had not felt that burn for a while. Wow, I thought, I am so out of shape. No wonder I struggled with my last Tri. We pushed on, and found our 30 kph (20 mph) groove again, both feeling a bit exhausted by that hill, and not wanting to overdo it on our first day out. We looped around at the 7 k mark.

Finally a nice long run of downhill! Weeeee (55 kph while I pushed those other thoughts out of mind). As we started to coast at the end of that run, my IPhone piped up from my rear pocket – apparently MapMyRide (great program btw), now has audio, so I listened as it told me that we were 5 miles in, average speed of 18 mph etc. I smiled. Technology is fun, hey?

Even though it was short (yet exhausting!), it was a good chance for me to make-up with my bike. EVERY piece of it was working well. It felt good. It performed wonderfully. I am beginning to actually feel confident on it again. Whew. I must admit I was a bit worried there.

We pulled in to the driveway: 15 Kilometers, 35 minutes, 365 Calories burned for me, and 979 burned for him. That’s just great economics. Ride people ride.


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