Create YOU, Beautiful YOU, 2

Ah, my last blog post of 2011 and it will follow in the footsteps of my last blog post of 2010! I better make it some sort of emphatic, meaningful tribute to another very, um, “insightful” year!

Yesterday, December 30th, I pulled on my toque and my winter parka and headed to the beach with Sofie, to watch the sunset. It was a stormy, windy, white-cappy day on the Pacific and the sun burned through the clouds like a pointed laser in order for us all to feel a minute hint of warmth through the cold, harsh wind.

The tide was out slightly and where the water finally did meet the edge of the sand, there were two kite surfers and two windsurfers. I smiled as I thought how stormy those seas were and how cold it must be, yet still they were having the time of their lives, frolicking in the waves. Fully engaged in the world around them. Seemingly loving every extra wave and gust of wind that the universe could throw at them. Not only enjoying it, but actively seeking it. This is how big life can be when we choose to engage in this wild, crazy, unpredictable world of ours.

This year that is just rolling into 2012 has seen a lot of my engagement – probably more-so than at any other point in my life. It has seen some high winds that have knocked me on my ass and it has seen some gentle breezes where I have grabbed on to the storm mast and carried whomever wanted to come along for the ride. It has been up. It has been down. BUT it has never been boring.

From the banks of the Ganges, in an Ashram, attending Hindu prayer ceremonies in a self-reflection mode to the peaks and valleys of Triathlon training and competing, to making some wonderful new friends and hanging out at Burning Man, this year has been full of Carpe Diems, and all the anxiety, nausea and wonder that can, and will, go along with them.

My mom was famous for her hopeless optimism. I remember laying in bed as a kid, thinking that I was dying from the Flu and she walked in and said, “O come on Sweetie, you just have to think that you are NOT sick.” These are words that most people don’t want to hear on their near-death beds, and dog knows, that I have carried some of that fucking hopeless, nauseating optimism of hers into my everyday life. I am sorry for that – if my optimism offends you, but that is just the way I roll. Half full always and ready to take on the world with my rose coloured glasses firmly in place.

Life simply doesn’t happen all around you, YOU happen to it. You choose, you want, you engage, you plan, you implement, and when things work out, you celebrate. When things don’t work out, you cry. This is how life works. YOU are the common denominator to ALL the good and ALL the bad in your life. That is not saying that sometimes really, really bad things occur to which we can assign no blame whatsoever, it is just saying that YOU control the majority of your own destiny!

Today is New Years Eve 2011, and my thought that goes out to each and every one of you – old and new acquaintances alike is, “Make 2012 the year that you want it to be.” Get in touch with yourself, your needs, your desires, your creativity, your moxie, your determination and create your very own year for you.

I wrote that same paragraph for 2011 – and while it has been a bitch of a year in some respects, it has been so outstanding in many others. I have never, ever tested myself in mind, body and spirit as I did in 2011. I pushed and I pushed – much of the time, in places where I could have eased back and taken an easier path. I persevered. I grew. It was a cool ride.

I hope to do the same in 2012 – hopefully cutting myself some slack, and learning from some of my mistakes and being kind and gentle to those around me (and myself), because everyone is fighting a fucking battle of some kind. BE THE CHANGE that you want to see (Obama-ism). Each and every single day, change one little thing, and be genuinely surprised when at the end of the year that you are so much closer to being the person that you actually want to be, and there is nothing more sexy or more appealing than watching someone who has that inner swagger going-on! That person is so confidant, secure and in-touch with who they really are! That is beautiful! Namaste. Peace to all with as much love, light and laughter as I can muster. Create YOU, beautiful you!

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