All the travelers of the B Gates flowed, water being poured into a bottle, they funneled droplet by droplet through the neck splashing together as they all hit the base of the bottle at the same time, filling every available inch, not knowing exactly where the path of least resistance would take them next. Once arrived, happy and exhausted, they melted into the tattered grey vinyl seats of the boarding gate lounge to await their boarding.

A little four year old girl, all dressed in pink and clinging to her floppy doll stepped toward the middle of the thoroughfare and bellowed across it, “Good-bye Nana and Papa, I love you”. The people, the countless people in the passageway, all paused for a split second, waiting – awaiting some response from someone, somewhere, when finally one came. From 50 feet away, as the ticket agent took their boarding passes, a middle aged couple turned around and in unison, yelled back, “We love you too sweetheart, bye, bye.” The pedestrian traffic resumed, as though a yellow yield sign had been displayed for the resumption of activity. The little girl buried her head in her Mama’s hip and sobbed uncontrollably.

Her Mama cradled her head with her hand, a soft melon, delicate to the touch. The family of four began to march down the terminal, as her older brother, maybe five, casually wiped a tear from his eye. His Dad patted him on the back, once, as though he recognized his pain, yet he was unable to console him. They walked on in silence, finding solace in the fact that the littlest member of the family had found her words and used them accordingly.

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