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Onward to Yellowstone

The prospect of an impending road trip brought both trepidation and excitement. The trepidation came with the thought of how difficult life on the road was, whilst putting in 6 to 12 hours of straight driving per day. On the … Continue reading

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The Essence of Burning Man

It is such a delicate balance: Wanting and needing to explore the vastness of the world diametrically opposed to staying within our doorways and nourishing the love within them. Burning Man serves as a microcosm for our own restless hearts; … Continue reading

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Color me Beautiful

  THE COLOR RUN has been making its way across North America for the past year, stopping in various cities and raising money for local charities. It arrived in Seattle on May 13, 2012 and we made the trek South, … Continue reading

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To Market to Market

I arrived into Hong Kong at 6:30 a.m. It had been a 4 hour flight from Delhi, departing at 11 PM, and somehow, I had managed to sleep pretty much the entire flight. So, with that 4 hours of sleep … Continue reading

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Ah, Canadian Remembrance Day. A day off. A time to catch up on me! Me, me, me! The world’s collective voice echo’s the sounds of the most important person in the Universe….ME. Recently, our collective small town ‘Me’ was lucky … Continue reading

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The Amazing Race

The Race is on….. Come along on a little European Adventure with Kerry and Tim! It was fast, it was furious….but most of all, it was FUN!! Hang on…. Share This:

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Un Beau Début (A Beautiful Beginning)

Tiny rays shot through the corners of the plastic blinds, like surgical lasers aimed only at our corneas, awakening us from our all too brief dance with sleep. We had been chasing the sun for 5 hours via an Air … Continue reading

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