Breathing through the Spin Cycle

It seems that every now and then, one has to gather themselves in, and re-focus, and really, really, breathe. Even during the craziest, most intense of life moments – moments that you are not really sure if you should actually be living through them, let alone, breathing through them, it has been proven time and time again, that those times are the best times in which to gather your collective self and ……slow….slow, BREATHE.

RPMs are up to 200, Watts are up to 150, calories burned are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 400 and the tiny beads of sweat are dropping on to the handle bars, making my hands clammy and my pulse race. Collectively, we spin, we push, not wanting to disappoint our burning thighs by depriving them of speed, of force. I glance at the clock…15 minutes in, now 20, now 30, now 40, when will this damn class be over, I wonder.

I decide, I choose to STOP looking at the clock. To STOP focusing on the numbers, the achievements, the accomplishments, the goodness of how all of this is SO great for me, and instead I choose to focus on my breath. Inhale, focus, exhale. In and out it comes in rolling waves, rippling into the shore, and returning to the great blue sea. I breathe. I stay with it. I feel it. Time simply doesn’t matter, because I am only here, right now, in this one exquisite breath that is being absorbed by my lungs, my alveoli, my bloodstream. It completes me and when I am finished with it, I give it back gently and fully through a long drawn out exhalation.  My body spins, my mind doesn’t. Easy.

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