Beautiful Vulnerability

Recently I have been lucky enough to hear some fantastic original literature read, recited and/or performed by locals at local cafés, pubs or kitchens.

I am continually struck by two predominant notions. The first is the ‘wow’ factor, as in ‘wow, that reader, those words, that performance was/is really, really good.’ The second, and perhaps the more interesting to me, a quasi-writer of sorts, is, ‘holy smokes that person is in a room full of strangers bearing his/her soul to them.’ Of course, from my own introspection as a quasi-poet first, I find that the poems recited and performed in front of a live audience to be the most fascinating.

People seem to spend a lifetime protecting themselves (and others) from publicly displaying their own vulnerability. It is drummed into our psyches from an early age not to cry, or outwardly display anger, or sadness, and yet within these performances, people are willingly standing-up in front of strangers and displaying their deepest vulnerabilities. To me, it is beautiful. It is humbling. I am in awe, and I too, struggle with this notion of my own vulnerability and its beauty being in juxtaposition with my deepest fears of failing….publicly.

This is heady stuff and ‘stuff’ that we all must embrace, if more creativity is to flow out onto the streets. It truly is in one’s own vulnerability that each of us becomes more beautiful, and decidedly 2011 is the year – officially midlife, if the mean average lifespan of females is 90 – where I, for one, will consciously and deliberately embrace such vulnerability, in order to share my works with others.

To the others that have gone before me in this endeavour, I thank you for your courage and wherewithal in shining the light in the general direction of beautiful things to come.

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One Response to Beautiful Vulnerability

  1. ihath says:

    Very soon, people will walk away from a reading and think: “Wow! … that poetess was amazing” and they will be refering to you.

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