BC for the Win

It had been many years in the making, this first game on the National stage. Today, it was Quebec versus BC. No club name, no individuals, just team BC. A team who had seen its fair share of defeat in the past four years. A team who had come oh so close to victory on many occasions but had not quite been able to pull it off. A team who finally seemed to be gelling; finally finding its groove.
Quebec came out hard and fast led by an exceptionally strong midfield. Try as we might, we just could not seem to work the ball up the middle of the park. We started hitting the wings more and more, and posting some long bombs up the field, in a very different look and feel to what our normal routine was. With each long ball launched up the field, the Quebec team seemed to disintegrate a bit more, as the 30 temperatures took their toll. Ball after ball our speed on the wings and forward lines were able to track down and turn their defensive line inside out in an attempt to find the back of the net. Somehow they turned us back time after time. Finally at the 70 minute mark, Kathleen Michaud broke two checks, held strong on the ball, beat the goalie, and let go of a blast that beat a lone defender covering on the goal line. Finally, it was 1 – 0.
The Supra continued to pour on the heat, and in the 75th minute, an injured Silvana Burtini made her way onto the pitch. She had been asked to play forward for the last 5 minutes of the game, unable to run much at all due to a knee injury. Within seconds of being on the pitch the ball was threaded through and she found herself on a breakaway. She shot left side from the 16 yard mark, the goalie made a diving save, and as the ball ricocheted off her hands, it dropped to the feet of Kal Bowyer, who finished it into an empty net. 2-0.
We would be remiss not to mention our exceptional team defense that managed to completely shut down any offensive drive that Quebec could muster. Try as they might to come through the middle of our defensive zone, they were quickly greeted by our two centre mids (Nik Jillings, Jackie DePutter), then the rest of the defense line as they collapsed into the middle of the park. There was nowhere that Quebec could find an opening.
In the final few minutes of the game, they managed to land in our 18 yard box and have 4 or 5 shots as our entire team collapsed into the box. Shot after shot was blocked, deflected or stalled but never actually cleared. This flurry of activity culminated with Andrea Klipp laying on the goal line snuggled nicely around the ball, before Wendy Hawthorne, our goalie, pounced on it.
All in all it was a very entertaining game with some great skill showed by both teams. In the end, the better team ended with the W.

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