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Holiday Traditions – Tourtière

I don’t know how I amassed so many friends from Quebec – or at least, of Quebec Heritage, but suffice it to say, that there were no shortage of opinions when I asked, “Who has a great Tourtière recipe?” Of … Continue reading

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Rekindling the Romance

I guess that you can say that I took a wee bit of a hiatus from writing. Heh, one blog post per year, or thereabouts, does not really qualify as a blog, but alas, I can still remember my log-in … Continue reading

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Create YOU, Beautiful YOU 2018

I just edited this Blog Post by changing the “2014” in the Title, to “2018” and as I revisited my writings of that year – 4 YEARS AGO – it became crystal clear that some of those thoughts, feelings and … Continue reading

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License to Fly…

Recently, on a business trip, as I was driving a portion of my team back to the hotel after a long day of meetings, one of my colleagues began to recite a beautiful poem by John Gillepsie Magee Jr. Gillespie … Continue reading

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Onward to Yellowstone

The prospect of an impending road trip brought both trepidation and excitement. The trepidation came with the thought of how difficult life on the road was, whilst putting in 6 to 12 hours of straight driving per day. On the … Continue reading

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Tour de White Rock Crit 2015

This gallery contains 39 photos.

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Birthday Month 5.0

What a great way to CELEBRATE the year….and the 50 Years! Whoa! Crazzzzy baby! 🙂 A big thank you to all of those beautiful peeps in my life that make it all so worthwhile. LOVE to all! xoxo

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Challenge Lost (Biking 101)

We had a little bet going. I lost …. but …. still accomplished the task in less than 6 minutes. Does that count? Does it? Share This:

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The Message, the Messenger, and the Medium

As any of my dear friends will be quick to point out to you, I am a bit of a social media junkie. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; You name it, at the small end, I have played with it, at the … Continue reading

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Unbracing Myself

For the past 341 days (just over 11 months), I have been wearing braces. My dentist had suggested that I may want to look into braces about 5 years ago as my bottom teeth were showing a lot of crowding, … Continue reading

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