Another circle round the sun…

Ah, birthdays….always a time for reflection. Or maybe a time to search for more eye cream. Whatever time it is, all we know is that it goes FAST.

I don’t place a lot of emphasis on horoscopes or the like, yet I have to acknowledge that I am a TRUE Cancer the Crab (July 20th). Some folks say, ‘oh, you are right on the border with Leo.’ And I have to quickly shut that quirky thought down because it is the water by which I feel most at home. It is the ocean, the lake, the pool, where I can actually feel calmer. More in touch with my life. More authentic. I feel like the water allows me to be me more than any other part of the planet. AND that feels strange to say ‘aloud’.

So, it is no foreign concept that my beach runs have become more regular, more calming, more fluid. My often-repaired knee, sore off-and-on for many years, has grew accustomed to the runs. In fact, it doesn’t even wince now. I forget about the 6 surgeries that have made it what it is….STRONGER (with most of the cartilage still in it!). Each run has become more settling. My mind too has settled. One breath, one step. Yoga has flowed through each stride that I have taken as my breath has gotten into the rhythm of the moment and my mind has totally and one-hundred percent calmed-the-fuck down. How did this happen? How did someone who used to grimace all the way through any run suddenly transform into a person that so needed running in their life that they became notably cranky if a few days passed by without it.

Nature in all its glory is a magnificent way to stay centred. I can look out of my office window and see the ocean. I can walk down to the beach in mere seconds and touch the water with my hands. Yet the most brilliant part of nature is actually “feeling” it on your skin for a prolonged period of time and this is where taking off your shoes and socks and letting the sand squish up between your toes can become so epic. When one is dodging seagulls, running through tide pools – clear at times, slimy with seaweed at others, jumping shells in bare feet, feeling the salt water kicked upon the thighs during a sprint, a jog or simply sliding through the water, this is where the heart becomes one with the world. This is where you know that you are simply a drop in the ocean and that this idea is okay. That this moment is NOW.

Google Earth did a nice job of displaying my 8.5 kms today. I would encourage everyone to get out into nature and let yourself flow with it….

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