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Nora Ephron’s Impact

Nora Ephron died yesterday from complications surrounding Leukemia (diagnosed in 2006). Her writing, while mainly known for her screenplays, was a collection of deep thoughts and profound insights into the human condition and what actually drives people and their desires. … Continue reading

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Doting on Distraction

There is no doubt that there sure are many distractions in the world these days: Work, Family, Media, Communication, Errands, Laundry, Gardening, House Maintenance, Fitness, Health. You may roll your eyes at some of those – what do you mean … Continue reading

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The Zen of the Zone

In training, as in life, a lot is made of the concept of ‘being in the zone’. I first came to know and appreciate this early in life, playing team sports. Usually, ‘the zone’ was attained when some sort of … Continue reading

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Do or Do Not – There is no Try (~Yoda)

It was a quasi-late night last night and my eyes were heavy, as the first rays of sunlight began to trickle through the blinds, and the construction workers, kind enough to wait until 7:15 began their continual daily pounding erecting … Continue reading

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