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lLove Poem

I posted this today…..AND I found myself returning to it a couple or three, maybe even four times. Each one of us can identify with at least a part of this poem. Each one of has longed for nights when … Continue reading

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I Swear

Some would call it lower class, blue-collar, maybe even plebeian, but for me, the writer, I reserve the right to use vulgarity when the shoe fits. I don’t curse routinely in my writings because, for the most part, I can … Continue reading

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The sparkle from the brand new diamond ring caught my eye from a distance, a northern light to which all of humanity aspired.  The 40-something mother, held her daughter’s hand up toward the barista, “Look at what Brook has to … Continue reading

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Breathing through the Spin Cycle

It seems that every now and then, one has to gather themselves in, and re-focus, and really, really, breathe. Even during the craziest, most intense of life moments – moments that you are not really sure if you should actually … Continue reading

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Ah, Canadian Remembrance Day. A day off. A time to catch up on me! Me, me, me! The world’s collective voice echo’s the sounds of the most important person in the Universe….ME. Recently, our collective small town ‘Me’ was lucky … Continue reading

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Cooling Down

It is a rather all too common utterance that trips out of my lips when around strangers and friends alike, “Yoga has changed my life”. They look on in disbelief, wrinkling their eyebrows and squinching (a combination of squeezing and … Continue reading

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