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New Haven’s Barcelona Wine Bar

The New Haven, Connecticut landscape was crisp and clean, a fresh bit of teleporting back to the 18th Century when the bricks of the Yale Library were first being laid. The sun shone on the well-kept streets as the church … Continue reading

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Motorola Motopure H12 Crystal Talk Blue Tooth Headset

This past Christmas, Santa was very generous and brought me a Blue Ant Blue Tooth Headset which espoused voice to text capabilities with a 150 dollar (on sale) price tag. While it appeared to work great, I was angry at … Continue reading

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Rigatoni Carbonara

This is another very easy FAST recipe with BIG flavour! This will make enough for 2 big portions, so adjust accordingly. Rigatoni Carbonara ½ Bag of Rigatoni (500g) Boil water and add Rigatoni. Cook until Al Dente (about 10 minutes). … Continue reading

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Sole Meuniere with French Beans {from Kerry and Tim’s Kitchen}

Well the first work day of 2010 proved to be an evening of paying homage to the great cuisine of France. Way back in 1949 Julia Child arrived, with her husband Paul, to the shores of Normandy, where she tasted … Continue reading

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Gnocchi Tres Formaggio – from the kitchen of KO

Italian, cooking, wine, and cheese all seem to flow together in perfect harmony. Tonight was another FAST meal prepared in less than 30 minutes with an outstanding finish of a 5 out of 5. The trick here is not to … Continue reading

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Limey Ginger Chicken – from the Kitchen of KO – 5/5

Wow, this one rates a 5 out of 5!! AND let me be the first to say that that does NOT often happen! Soo easy and fast!! AND absolutely delicious! **Tips at the Top : 1. Always dry the chicken … Continue reading

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