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Unclenching the Fist

Earlier this week, Canada was fortunate enough to bear witness to a momentous change in World Leadership. Leadership as such has never gripped the entire world as it did on January 20, 2009, when President Barack Obama was sworn into … Continue reading

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Imagination takes Hold

Canada got together collectively and reached across the 49th parallel in extending our warmest of embraces to our American brothers and sisters, as Obama fever swept the continent. Our national conscience rose to a new level, perhaps able to finally … Continue reading

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Satori in the Manhattan Skies

Satori is an ancient word, used to describe the ability to act without thinking; mind and body becoming one, the individual reacting to the situation, and making the correct decision based on his or her own experiential knowing. For the … Continue reading

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Suite Francaise – a Review

Irene Nemirovsky’s tale of 1940s France is a story of dualities; it is good versus evil, rich versus poor, the conquered versus the conquerors, complete versus incomplete, birth versus death. The original idea for the novel was penned by Nemirovsky … Continue reading

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H2O Audio Splash Tunes

My Christmas stocking was overflowing with one of the newest techno-gadgets – the H20 Audio Waterproof IPod Case ( I curiously removed it like a kid looking at her first two-wheeler, turning it over and over until I understood … Continue reading

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Netbook Review – LG X110

Being one of the many commuter-less home office employees, I found myself plagued with an all too common problem – getting stuck in my office at all hours of the day and night, whether working, researching or writing. Even with … Continue reading

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